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hallo =w=)/
i'm newish, here's some building i've been doing since i started. it's all very much 'work in progress', thou =w=

[Image: 2024-02-18-23-57-34.png] [Image: 2024-02-18-23-57-51.png] [Image: 2024-02-18-23-58-04.png] [Image: 2024-02-18-23-58-17.png] [Image: 2024-02-18-23-58-35.png] [Image: 2024-02-18-23-58-52.png] [Image: 2024-02-18-23-58-59.png] [Image: 2024-02-18-23-59-46.png] [Image: 2024-02-18-23-59-53.png] [Image: 2024-02-19-00-00-12.png] [Image: 2024-02-19-00-00-20.png] [Image: 2024-02-19-00-00-23.png]  [Image: 2024-02-19-00-01-07.png] [Image: 2024-02-19-00-01-40.png] [Image: 2024-02-19-00-02-02.png]
Wow, looks great! I really like the building with vines (1st pic).
Excellent builds!
[Image: iW1o5rc.jpg]
Femslash/Yuri lover, equal rights activist, Booru lurker.

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