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i can backup SteveDaDino i’ve seen the hacker to he’s flying around the spawn area
hello i have come across this hacker his name is sture80 and he has been fly hacking and saying that he has admin commands
nevermind found it
how do i appeal ? idk what i did
This was a slight bug in feature the tech team had to implement. Everything should be working as it should now.
Yeah, my mining fatigue isn't going away either. Running just causes items in hand to quickly appear and disappear.
mining fatigue doesnt go away...
Hay i have a message about a hacker and over all not a family friendly person. This guy is FaZeDream he has been fly hacking x raying and saying a bunch of racial slurs. He has also been being really mean and most of the people on the server have muted him.
The fatigue clears after sprinting 3 blocks. Walking will not clear it.
Fatigue effect is not clearing, and melee weapon enchants not working either after the effect. Logging off somewhat clears the effect, but slow block breaking at times after.
There is a new temporary annoying "feature' on VH. After opening a shulkerbox, players will receive mining fatigue. This effect will clear itself after the player runs about 2 blocks after closing the shulkerbox. This is an annoyance that will stay until Mojang releases a patch for something ReallyBad™
Server's down?
Your problem will resolve itself at next logon SteveDaDino
Hay i have a slight problem i accedentally put a curse of binding pumkin head on me could a mod help me out please
Nobody ends up in jail without a reason. Reread the rules and see if you violated any then appeal in the forums.
The server is spazzing out...
scroll down to find discord information.
does anyone have a link to the discord?
Report it in a post in the Gamer Situations section of the Forums, TTVHueso.
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