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omg I want my h e a d
Got 25 stacked trade cookies? Issue "vhguide buyhead" to get your own player head!
little bit of copy and paste
I would also like to know what else is a cheat since I use badlion client which gives me the power to toggle sprint.
So I was caught with an x-ray texture pack, I wasn't sure if it was a cheat or not so I was a little curious to find out. I can give back the diamonds since that is the only thing I mined anyways and I never really cared about them. Then I suppose you can ban me for a day or something. Even take away my iron boots.
so no afk farms..
All players: we have an idle kick on the server now as we're often at full capacity and we have to give priority to those who are actually playing vs those who are afk farming. Admins on patrol will manually kick those of you who are afk and are circumventing the idle detection mechanism.
how is xray any of those
listen even i used xray and got jailed and thats a lame excuse so is mine but IT CLEARLY STATES NO HACKING/GREIFS/CHEATS thats pretty clear
I'm in jail because i was using an xray, I looked through the rules but i never saw anything abt it so i thought it was ok
arent there barriers?
Hi, I’m in jail and I found an interesting bug that allows an intruder to throw his things through slabs and another player can pick them up
hi server
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Vanilla High Rules
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Vanilla High Minecraft server and Forum rules.
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Major things happening on Vanilla High are posted here.
3 37 Legacy 2018 World
7 hours ago, ToastyCheeseLad
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Builder Showcase
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Vanilla High Marketplace
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For players to participate in trade (1 user browsing)
1 1 netherite custom orders.
6 hours ago, aknatn
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Do you need technical help? Have an idea, or have you seen something that you think could be a great idea. Here is the spot to place it :) (2 users browsing)
7 41 Warning Level: 0%
6 hours ago, aknatn
Glitches/Issues with the Server or Forum
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Report bugs and other issues with the server or forum. Please don't post issues that are widely known in the Minecraft community. (1 user browsing)
1 2 Lost Shulker
07-03-2020, 09:57 AM, CubeStealer
Gamer Situations
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Report raids, griefs or any other violations of the Vanilla High server rules and in-game transgressions. (4 users browsing)
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Ban/Jail appeal
31 108 Tnyrr unfair ban?
2 hours ago, Tnyrr

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