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Just a reminder to the community, appeals are handled between staff members and the appellant. Players not involved in the appeals process should not post in the appeal thread. If you have information regarding an appeal, please contact a staff member directly
pretty sure RaijinNinja uses xray. I got no proof but they asked for someone with a fortune pick to mine diamonds for them and gave me coords and there was 2 veins in the cave they were in 1 was exposed and one was under the cave which is sketch to me cause it seemed like they just dug straight down to it and then they started digging in a weird non pattern direction and I stayed a bit to see if they would run into diamonds but either they just mine weird or they knew I was seeing if they would xray to diamonds. again no solid proof but heads up
are resource packs that ONLY raise light levels artificially allowed so shadowed areas are illuminated?
That’s on mojang’s side.
Authentification Servers are down now 1/1/2023 12:05 EST
I am a new member of the SMP as of yesterday. I neglected to read all but the description rules, and it has cost me a rule breaking. I broke bedrock on the nether ceiling and I quickly discovered from fellow server members that it was an offense. I sincerely apologize for breaking the rules but I need an admin to come fix the problem. I won't make the same mistake again. My username in game is Piper_Nut_Hatch, same as here. The coordinates of the nether roof ceiling break is roughly (0,0) with two different pieces of bedrock broken.
You could select versions in your launcher through the installations menu and making a custom profile for 1.19.2 until the server updates. By default the launcher chooses the latest version
You can play previous versions of Minecraft
I am locked out until VH upgrades to 1.19.3, bummer.
dose any know the discord
west farm griefed again
and we are still here Big Grin
I really miss this place it seems basically forgotten now the last website update was October 2020 and there hasn't been any seasonal updates for ages
What is tbe discord link please
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Vanilla High Rules
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Please take the time to read our rules. These apply to both the server and forum.
- - -
Threads: 8  //  Posts: 59
Major things happening on Vanilla High are posted here.
8 59 Santa is at Spawn!
12-14-2022, 11:11 PM, SupersuMC
Threads: 5  //  Posts: 13
A new Vanilla High map, say hello and let people know what you are about.
5 13 Hello
01-20-2022, 07:37 AM, Produde7805
Vanilla High Life
Threads: 9  //  Posts: 148
For our community to post stuff that is related to Vanilla High but does not fit in the other forums
9 148 Big Market Ender-porter
01-05-2023, 05:15 PM, TheLateHaunt
Vanilla High Showcase
Threads: 7  //  Posts: 17
Post snapshots of your Vanilla High builds, banners, map art or anything else cool you would like to share with your fellow community members.
7 17 The Sedderfen
01-14-2023, 09:14 PM, Ubitnik
The Marketplace
Threads: 11  //  Posts: 18
Advertise items you have for trade right here. Become a Vanilla High Mogul or maybe just a Wandering Trader.
11 18 Ubizon
01-07-2023, 03:19 PM, Ubitnik
Server Support and Suggestions
Threads: 30  //  Posts: 110
Do you need technical help? Do you have an idea or suggestion that you feel could enhance the server? Let us know here and we will get back to you.
30 110 VR minecraft
Yesterday, 09:05 AM, ShadowMonkeyKing
Glitches or Issues with the Server or Forum
Threads: 22  //  Posts: 51
Report bugs and other issues with the server or forum. Please don't post issues that are widely known in the Minecraft community.
22 51 Servers
01-01-2023, 05:06 PM, Spinreaver
Gamer Situations
Threads: 99  //  Posts: 284
Report raids, griefs or any other violations of the Vanilla High server rules and in-game transgressions. (1 user browsing)
99 284 Someone put a big pp on a...
6 hours ago, ShadowMonkeyKing
Vanilla High Appeals
Threads: 50  //  Posts: 232
Have you wronged the community - If so then this is the place for you. Submit your jail or ban appeal here and follow the guidelines. (2 users browsing)
50 232 Was Mining in the Nether ...
01-25-2023, 04:57 PM, Rebelwlocause

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