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Better Staff, like seriously
i have noticed that a number of my posts are being deleted. They are screenshots for transparency and I want to know why my posts are being deleted without notice?

It seems that my posts are deleted because they bring to light the actions of the staff that are wrong and they are trying to be hidden.

A ban recently occurred based off discord comments yet again and the actions of the staff that are in fact wrong are being hidden from the players.

The players know what is really going on and the players aren't happy with the actions of the staff. Discord is blowing up right now because of bamajoe and its all negative about the staff. This really needs addressed.

This is what I was trying to get at in discord when I was met with total resistance in wanting better communication with the staff. Players have no idea what happens at a map reset. Players don't know who to ask the questions to so they ask me. I gladly provide them information based off what I know, but unless it comes from staff, it really isn't good information. So I brought it up in discord and was met with pretty much no help and it was severely upsetting. Just something about what happens to this map somewhere from the STAFF. Staff instead of providing the information and a solution, met me with a brick wall of arguments. It was not an unreasonable request that the players have some sort of solid information about what happens with this map. Instead the staff became defensive and un-helpful. Staff is not online enough to be asked this questions so we are forced into not knowing or asking a regular player. The forums are slow (in the transfer of information) and are rarely used, so we are now forced into asking a player or going to the UO discord. The information about what happens on map reset is not readily available on discord or the forums. This is what I was getting at in needing better communication from the STAFF. Instead of getting that, I got a defensive staff member not taking my request seriously about the staff needing to be better in communication (constructive criticism) and ended up banned for it because the staff member upset me so much in not trying to help or fix an issue, that I told them off.

Am I really wrong for wanting better staff communication and getting upset at staff when they refuse to help and just ignore me? All I wanted was information from staff, that was readily available to the players, about what happens at map reset. And I was criticized for it. Like really guys? The staff member could have done something, could have seen it as a relevant issue and worked on it, but they didn't. They got defensive with me and basically told me to bug off. So I told them off in a DM on DISCORD, and was banned from it. I mean the chat is right there. I was asking for better communication from the staff and got banned for it. The proof is right there. Most players don't feel like they can rely on staff. Shouldn't the staff then be asking themselves, what can we do better?

I have been trying as much as I can in game to give the VH back that community feel, but without the staff support that the players expect, playing here just isn't fun. I typically don't worry about being raided or griefed, because I know I can get a rollback fairly quickly (experiences have varied from player to player). The chat bot does a decent job. The players will gang up on hackers that are annoying new players. But when it comes to some simple availability of some information about the server, players can't find it, which is a staff communication issue, and when it got brought up, a player ended up banned? The players really DON'T trust the staff. Should it be like that? Be honest with yourself. I know I am not the only one that feels this way, but it seems like I am the only one willing to be straight forward about the fact that the players want and need better staff. Instead of meeting a player with a legitimate concern with a stone wall, bend a little and give the players the better staff communication. It doesn't take long. If a staff member has enough time to make floating pigs and block displays, they have time to communicate with the player base about relevant information. Getting defensive to the point of power abuse over some constructive criticism is just ridiculous.

Staff needs fixed before next map or there will be a lot less players. It all starts with my original request of there being information, readily available to the player base, about what EXACTLY happens at map reset. Not an unreasonable request but it ended with me getting banned for going off on staff in discord.....



This shouldn't be happening

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