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Banned for discord comments
said im banned for being disrespectful to staff, staff wasnt even on last night and i only talked to them on discord which is independent from the server.

anything i have done on discord should not affect my play on the server.

also, going on a rant when there is next to no one online is not reason for a ban. i told a staff member off on discord and they banned me on the server, which is wrong.

how am i toxic toward staff when they aren't online?

this isnt the first time a player has been banned from the server for a discord issue. this needs addressed
(09-06-2023, 07:06 PM)Ubitnik Wrote: said im banned for being disrespectful to staff, staff wasnt even on last night and i only talked to them on discord which is independent from the server.

anything i have done on discord should not affect my play on the server.

also, going on a rant when there is next to no one online is not reason for a ban. i told a staff member off on discord and they banned me on the server, which is wrong.

how am i toxic toward staff when they aren't online?

this isnt the first time a player has been banned from the server for a discord issue. this needs addressed

evidence of a previous server ban for a discord comment by the same staff member

A ban recently occurred based off discord comments yet again and the actions of the staff that are in fact wrong are being hidden from the players.

The players know what is really going on and the players aren't happy with the actions of the staff. Discord is blowing up right now because of bamajoe and its all negative about the staff. This really needs addressed.

This is what I was trying to get at in discord when I was met with total resistance in wanting better communication with the staff. Players have no idea what happens at a map reset. Players don't know who to ask the questions to so they ask me. I gladly provide them information based off what I know, but unless it comes from staff, it really isn't good information. So I brought it up in discord and was met with pretty much no help and it was severely upsetting. Just something about what happens to this map somewhere from the STAFF. Staff instead of providing the information and a solution, met me with a brick wall of arguments. It was not an unreasonable request that the players have some sort of solid information about what happens with this map. Instead the staff became defensive and un-helpful. Staff is not online enough to be asked this questions so we are forced into not knowing or asking a regular player. The forums are slow (in the transfer of information) and are rarely used, so we are now forced into asking a player or going to the UO discord. The information about what happens on map reset is not readily available on discord or the forums. This is what I was getting at in needing better communication from the STAFF. Instead of getting that, I got a defensive staff member not taking my request seriously about the staff needing to be better in communication (constructive criticism) and ended up banned for it because the staff member upset me so much in not trying to help or fix an issue, that I told them off.

Am I really wrong for wanting better staff communication and getting upset at staff when they refuse to help and just ignore me? All I wanted was information from staff, that was readily available to the players, about what happens at map reset. And I was criticized for it. Like really guys? The staff member could have done something, could have seen it as a relevant issue and worked on it, but they didn't. They got defensive with me and basically told me to bug off. So I told them off in a DM on DISCORD, and was banned from it. I mean the chat is right there. I was asking for better communication from the staff and got banned for it. The proof is right there. Most players don't feel like they can rely on staff. Shouldn't the staff then be asking themselves, what can we do better?

I have been trying as much as I can in game to give the VH back that community feel, but without the staff support that the players expect, playing here just isn't fun. I typically don't worry about being raided or griefed, because I know I can get a rollback fairly quickly (experiences have varied from player to player). The chat bot does a decent job. The players will gang up on hackers that are annoying new players. But when it comes to some simple availability of some information about the server, players can't find it, which is a staff communication issue, and when it got brought up, a player ended up banned? The players really DON'T trust the staff. Should it be like that? Be honest with yourself. I know I am not the only one that feels this way, but it seems like I am the only one willing to be straight forward about the fact that the players want and need better staff. Instead of meeting a player with a legitimate concern with a stone wall, bend a little and give the players the better staff communication. It doesn't take long. If a staff member has enough time to make floating pigs and block displays, they have time to communicate with the player base about relevant information. Getting defensive to the point of power abuse over some constructive criticism is just ridiculous.

Staff needs fixed before next map or there will be a lot less players. It all starts with my original request of there being information, readily available to the player base, about what EXACTLY happens at map reset. Not an unreasonable request but it ended with me getting banned for going off on staff in discord.....
Ubi you were not banned for anything done outside of the Minecraft server. You have been banned and warned multiple times about how you treat others. You have not learned your lesson and unfortunately will not be getting any other chances. Here are two previous bans for you from this map alone. This ban making the third.

October 2022

Febuary 2023

Here is the evidence where you were disrespectful to me and other staff in public server chat. You said yourself you no longer wish to play on this server and now you won't be.
[06:56:27] <Ubitnik> no if i get banned based off the UOVH discord we have problems
[06:56:58] <Ubitnik> wouldnt surprise me a bit if bama didnt ban me right now off of a dm
[06:58:03] <Ubitnik> man i wish we had better staff
[07:04:06] <Ubitnik> worthless staff is yet still worthless
[07:04:51] <Ubitnik> do your job bama and stop being a creep
[07:12:16] <Ubitnik> well considering teh sever staff is more or less vacant, i am done playing here since they seem to not care
[07:12:22] <Ubitnik> have fun all im done
[07:15:30] <Ubitnik> just so you guys know, bamajoe is a moron
[07:16:12] <Ubitnik> claimed enderstix plays on the serverm but hasnt logged into the server sine Jul 7yh of this year, but he claims they play on the server
[07:16:44] <Ubitnik> thats the facts and thats your admin that doesnt know what is going on with the server on a daily basis
[07:17:12] <Ubitnik> im just providing facts so you all understand that bamajoe (admin) doesnt know what we is actually talking about
[07:18:13] <Ubitnik> speak of dumb people
[07:21:05] <Ubitnik> have i ever mention how much i despise stupid people?
[07:21:38] <Ubitnik> those who lack the ability to reason logically?
[07:22:13] <Ubitnik> seems the most common amongst citizens from the southern states
[07:23:35] <Ubitnik> here is what is scary, those type of people are left in charge of things
[07:24:02] <Ubitnik> can you imagine, someone that cant think logically making descisions?
[07:25:31] <Ubitnik> i really cant belive that someone without the facilities to think logically is left in charge of a minecraft server
[07:25:46] <Ubitnik> like what a travesty
[07:26:32] <Ubitnik> and whats better is that, the person left in charge, thinks emotionally instead of objectively
[07:26:59] <Ubitnik> like punish the guy that goes against the grain even though they are right
[07:27:13] <Ubitnik> like can you imagine leaving that kind of person in charge?
[07:27:35] <Ubitnik> someone that operates fully off emotion and ignores logic?
[07:27:45] <Ubitnik> like wow, thats dumb
[07:27:49] <bamajoe411> ikr
[07:28:10] <Ubitnik> man id hate to be that stupid
[07:28:44] <bamajoe411> i thought you were quitting vh
[07:28:59] <Ubitnik> though it would be cool to be able to just ban someone just because they point out how dumb i am
[07:29:21] <Ubitnik> can you imagine that?
[07:29:44] <Ubitnik> being so dumb that you ban someone just because they prove how stupid you really are
[07:30:20] <Ubitnik> what a sad, fat, lazy lonesone person that must be
[07:30:51] <bamajoe411> ubi i think you need to cool off
[07:31:26] <bamajoe411> why dont you go watch some tv or something
[07:31:39] <Ubitnik> whats worse is claiming that a player is active on the server and being 100% totally incorrect about that statement
[07:32:12] <Ubitnik> can you imagine claiming a player is a part of the server when they havent been online in over 3 months?
[07:32:25] <Ubitnik> like who would claim that except for a moron?
[07:33:07] <Ubitnik> yeah staff is generally bad around these parts
[07:33:10] <Ubitnik> sorry
[07:34:00] <Ubitnik> ive tried getting them more involved but they dont see things from a players' perspective and just ban players that prove their shortcomings
[07:35:27] <Ubitnik> VH staff is basically non-exsistant, and the only capacity they operate in is that one of the staff members creeps on females constantly and well no one has the grapefruits to say anything
[07:35:29] <Ubitnik> me
[07:35:32] <Ubitnik> i dont care
[07:35:42] <Ubitnik> bama creeps on and female that plays
[07:36:08] <Ubitnik> bama is typically not online unless a female is on and it all his attention
[07:36:25] <Ubitnik> sorry but creepy admin is creepy
[07:36:32] <Ubitnik> and thats not right
[07:37:09] <Ubitnik> staff should be worried about the player base as a whole and not worried about flirting
[07:37:52] <Ubitnik> i am not the only one that feels this way, im just the only one with the grapefruit to say something
[07:38:07] <Ubitnik> bambajoe is bad staff and is creepy
[07:39:05] <Ubitnik> i got timed out from the VH discord for saying that a player that hasnt played since july, doesnt have a valid opinion becuase they dont play
[07:39:32] <Ubitnik> bama claimed he does, and they do play, but they havent been on the server since july 7th
[07:39:46] <Ubitnik> am i wrong or is staff wrong?
[07:40:07] <Ubitnik> right, staff is stupid and worthless
[08:02:30] <Ubitnik> lets be honest with each other, the only reason to time out a player in discord is to hide the shady things you have done....bama is great for this he did it tonight, he doesnt want you all to know how he creeps on female players.
[08:02:52] <Ubitnik> i know what i said and i stand behind it
[08:03:12] <Ubitnik> bama is a creep, protect yourself, he has your IP
[08:03:51] <Ubitnik> if you dont see me again its because i got banned for speaking our against bad staff
[08:04:10] <Ubitnik> fyi, love you all local can hook you all up
[08:04:41] <Ubitnik> i have not said anything that isnt true
[08:04:57] <Ubitnik> im sure he will ban me for this so, fair well
[08:05:43] <Ubitnik> the fact i get banned shoukd be enough for anyone to run and hide, because he is looking for you an tracks your IP
[08:06:15] <Ubitnik> beware, bamajoe is an admin and has your ip
[08:07:00] <Ubitnik> he is a creeper trust me, and he doesnt care if you are married etc
[08:07:24] <Ubitnik> he will give you admin only stuff to try and get you on his side
[08:07:34] <Ubitnik> i have proof
[08:07:49] <Ubitnik> dont trust bamajoe
[08:08:23] <Ubitnik> he is one of those guys that you dont want to meet
[08:08:40] <Ubitnik> he is actively tracking your ip and location
[08:08:54] <Ubitnik> like stay away or use a vpn of something
[08:09:07] <Ubitnik> he knows and that is dangerous
[08:09:22] <Ubitnik> plz heed my words
[08:09:53] <Ubitnik> he does nothing but look at the console all day and geo locate people based off IP
[08:09:59] <Ubitnik> thats what he does
[08:10:08] <Ubitnik> bama is a creep
[08:16:02] <Ubitnik> w/e, fact if the matter remains that bama is 100% bad staff and shouldnt be allowed operator
[08:18:57] <Ubitnik> man, i thank my lucky stars that i am not as bamajoe
[08:19:11] <Ubitnik> not as dumb*
[08:20:43] <Ubitnik> imagine, taking into consideration a player;s opinion that hasnt played in 3 months over a player that has been here every day
[08:21:19] <Ubitnik> oh right, personal bias comes into play
[08:21:43] <Ubitnik> my bad, that shouldnt matter but yet does
[08:22:00] <Ubitnik> oh thats because bama is trash at being staff
[08:23:32] <Ubitnik> top player call staff trash, yeah that holds some water, if only the staff actuallly cared
[08:24:26] <Ubitnik> top player says staff is trash, hmmmm maybe the staff really is trash
[08:24:55] <Ubitnik> if only there were a player from back in the day
[08:31:21] <Ubitnik> well i tried, sorry you all are stuck with bama as an "admin" if you want a big glowstone your set, but if your place got blown up, you will have to wait on Block
[09:18:55] <Ubitnik> bama is by far the worst staff this server has eber seen, he is oly active when other female players are active, this is a pattern of behaviour
[09:19:29] <Ubitnik> he is 100% a creepy and shouldnt be staff since he tracks our ip
[09:21:00] <Ubitnik> these are facts that need addressedd but i am stiffled by bama in the UO discord because he doest want me telling people the truth
[09:21:21] <Ubitnik> thatis the real reason i got timed out
[09:22:07] <Ubitnik> had nothing to do with a player that hasnt been active on teh server for over 3 months
[09:22:30] <Ubitnik> he wants me quieted to his nefarious actiond
[09:23:08] <Ubitnik> such as towns being given command blocks for tile gathering
[09:24:25] <Ubitnik> this happened and they cleaned it up fast but i have screenshots of the tiles of command blokcs desgined to pick up item entities
[09:24:55] <Ubitnik> they want to stiffle me because i know
[09:26:49] <Ubitnik> ofc they play nice now, knowing i have the evidence aaisnt them, they will just delete the post like they have done in the past but dm me
[09:27:30] <Ubitnik> server staff gave a town command blocks for item gathering
[09:28:14] <Ubitnik> and are still biased
[09:28:30] <Ubitnik> when this map resets done come back
You timed me out of the discord because I responded to ender being a jerk to me. Were you even online at the time or were you just lurking on console? You were being a jerk to me in the discord and refusing to provide players with the information they wanted. You deflected the issue and ignored my concerns. If you want treated with respect than you should treat players with respect, which you don't. Players agree with me on this one. The ban with CantFeelMyLegs was another instance of staff being over bearing with the rules and even admitted they were wrong to kick me in the first place. Players are not happy with the staff, I brought it up to you and you did nothing about it. Players shouldn't be coming to me for information that the staff should be providing. You are literally running the server into the ground with how you act. You could have been helpful instead of being a jerk to me. The fact that Pearl and I had to beg you that one night not to screw around with my town is more than enough proof that you are not helpful. Maybe if you actually did your job, players would actually want you around. All this because the normal players had no idea about the legacy server you manage. Players are coming to me for the information and you kept asking me why, when really the STAFF should be asking themselves why players are asking a regular player for information that only the staff can fully answer. I pour my heart and soul into this server and the staff just isn't as good as it used to be. I will be surprised if the server lasts through another reset. The community is not happy with how you handled the situation at all. Keeping me banned just proves my point of the lack of reliable staff. You have banned a player before for something they said in discord, and that is pretty much what you did here. I am sorry I expect a little more from staff than some neat command block displays around my base or a floating pig. The community is not informed by staff and that is on the staff. I brought a concern of the community to you, and you did nothing about it then and still haven't. Think about that. There is nothing on the forums about the legacy server and what happens with map resets. All I wanted, but you refused to acknowledge the lack of staff communication which is definitely a relevant issue amongst the player base. Maybe next time you will do better because VH is going to end up dying because of you. You are literally Werty 2.0. Good luck bama, you're going to need it after you drive the player base away with your actions. Sorry you couldn't look at things from a player's perspective and just didn't want to do your job.

The COMMUNITY would rather have me around, its just the staff that is never around that doesn't want me pointing out their shortcomings. I've been disrespected a lot on this server and the staff didn't blink and just told me to shut up.
I know we are not supposed to comment on appeal threads, but since I have no intention of playing multiplayer minecraft again, I figure, no loss.

Ubitnik, you've made the claim many times that I banned you. I took pride in never banning a single player unless they joined the server and immediately started using vulgar language. Simply put, no matter what you say, I - never - banned - you. You have your facts wrong about me, and you most likely have your facts wrong about every argument you have. When you went off the rails with me, I private messages several players to say goodbye. I logged off minecraft with you still ranting, and I deleted minecraft from my computer. The ban you think I enacted was because you cannot control yourself. A different mod found your behavior bannable and did the right thing. Frankly, I'm not surprised to log on here and find that you've been banned again. I respect that you served our country. However, I think you need to do quite a bit of growing up.

Does the Vanilla High community want you online more than the staff? Maybe. However, from my point of view, I left multiplayer minecraft because of one thing. Ubitnik. You may actually be a community resource, but you make up for it by being toxic. I refer to your most recent posts here as an example. Asking for a ban appeal by telling the people responsible for your ban what terrible people they are is not how people share their toys. The last sentence in the post above gives me the idea that you think Vanilla High would rather see you online than the run of the mill Mod. How many others want to see you spam chat with your rants? Probably a lot less than you think. How many others would like to know that if there was an issue there would be a mod to help them out? Probably more than want to read your blathering about how you've been wronged.
Either stop drinking so much, or grow up. You'll be a happier person when you do either.
FORMER Vanilla High player - CantFeelMyLegs

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