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I was jailed
I was walking around in Big Market because I found it due to a rail in the nether roof so I went through it and I got to big market. I didn't touch or grief anything. I was just walking around and looking at the ferris wheel. Its so cool. I actually wanted to buy something too because I had diamonds for it. Then i got jail and I don't know what i was jailed for. Sorry if i wasn't supposed to be there I didnt know. And I wont go to Big Market again.
You are being given an opportunity to become a part of this community. I recommend you be honest with your appeal. A list of the rules that you agreed to follow when you joined the server can be found here: https://vanillahigh.net/rules/
I recommend you review them and make a second attempt at an appeal.
This account and one other has been banned for jail evasion.

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