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East Town griefed
Hello. I am a town member of East Town, owned by East_Saxon, which seems to have been griefed last month. Including
-The nether hub
-The town hall exterior & interior. All of the chests and allays are gone
-Trading hall (villagers gone) and parts of Sebbo_h_'s build
-Parts of the subway system near the town hall
-Town wall
-My house
-East_Saxon's place/build. Unfortunately I can't get in touch with him.
-As far as I can gather, other buildings look fine. All unfinished looking buildings and roads are just unfinished.
Hi. Whoever griefed the base has already been banned from the server. Given East Saxon is not available to request a rollback, I'll accept you requesting it as a town resident in his absence. However we may have a problem. The griefing happened 12th January but was not reported. Since then another player Kimber_Boh has been regularly on but I cannot figure out how much she has built since the griefing. Rolling back the base to how it was pre-griefing could destroy the work she has done since. Please consult with her before confirming a rollback.
[Image: bV0FmTp.jpg]
No way, Kimber has slowly been putting the pieces of a fallen nation back together??? Kimber is so Kool! KIMBER KIMBER KIMBER all hail Kimber_Boh O_O
MYTHRIL EMPIRE'S KING [Image: ShadowMonkeyKing.png]
I have gotten the okay from Kimber.
Base rollback complete. Please verify and revert if needed.
[Image: bV0FmTp.jpg]
Thank you!
There's a member's base somewhat far from town that has been hit as well, I will PM you the coords.

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