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The Sedderfen
So a few days ago Sedderfen was doing his usual game of Bucket the Fish. Lucky falls upon him and he buckets another elusive fish. He chimes in to game chat with "Gotta Catch 'em All" and then it hit me.

I need to do a mapart for Sedderfen showcasing his dedication to the hunt. Something to perfectly catch (pun intended) essence of the dream. So I googled "Ash and Magikarp" and this is what I came up with after a little bit of editing in good ole paint.

[Image: NT3fgkb]

What makes it better was the misdirection. I had asked Sedderfen earlier what is their favorite Pokémon. Mine is Psyduck. Later in the same day, I'm on the hunt for clay and Sedder thinks he knows what I am up to. While I was building the map, Sedder also asked how the Bulba was coming.

The mapart was done and then it was the waiting game. Had to wait for Sedder to log off for the night so I could stealth my way into his Tropical Fish Farm and plant the photo.

This is one of those things that I enjoy on the server. The fun between players.

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First of all - I'm impressed by the AI spambot's ability to somehow connect fishing in Minecraft with career advancement, second - from reading the title and the first few sentences I thought this was going to be a player report post Big Grin

Oh and almost forgot - the pixel art looks awesome.

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