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Griefing at East Town(?)
A couple of days ago someone accidentally dropped cords for "East Town" in chat. I flew by today to check out the builds and found that a bunch of the structures had been griefed. Not totally sure who else to talk to since I'm not a resident but I wanted to get a report out quickly.
Hope this helps narrow things down.
Screenshot of the chat referred to above
taken on Jan 9 2023 at approximately 1:30 AM  EST
Coords in chat redacted here.

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I decided to visit the place yesterday too. I figured some builds were just unfinished didn’t look like the usual tnt lava cast griefing. I noticed a BUNCH of blocks on the ground no idea why but now I figured it’s the clown breaking your chests. Had I known I would have made chests and stored it back for ya’ll.
I am a member of this town, although I mainly live closer to a different town. I can confirm the unfinished tall buildings and roads were like that before.
The town stretches over a fairly big area, so multiple builds far away from each other were hit. Missing blocks, maps, items (I think a whole member's room/storage was cleaned out). All of our allays are gone too, and so are our villagers. Our nether hub looks scratched up too with some portals and blocks missing as well as our piglin barterers and parts of the ice roads.
It looks like East_Saxon's base has been hit as well- some blocks were broken and there were a LOT of dropped items. I put them all in chests. Judging by this I guess no one else has loaded this chunk after the initial griefer.

As far as I'm aware, I do not remember seeing other town members that I recognize lately, since at least the new year.
I understand I'm pretty late by now, but I'm requesting a full restore if possible. I would at least love to see the perpetrator(s) punished.
If I can provide a timeframe, the last time I came here, it was definitely before the New Year and after October.
I apologize for not checking up on it sooner!

(Sorry, I lost the login to my forum account)
I confirm it was East Saxon's base. If you can get in touch with him, please advise him to check his base and file a report if there was any incident.
[Image: bV0FmTp.jpg]
I tried to reach out to him a couple of days ago, but what should I do if contact seems unlikely? Discord is his only contact outside of MC.
You can file a report as a town resident yourself if you're unable to reach him.
[Image: bV0FmTp.jpg]

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