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I might have the identity of one of the Weekend Griefers
I was going through my stats when it occurred to me that, since one of the griefed players lost their dog, a perusal of the "Bad Dog!" stats may reveal the identity of one of the griefers that hit four bases in four days this past weekend (and that may have hit more since). The suspect would have to had killed at least one and be fairly new, since going on a griefing spree isn't something more established players do. The most likely suspect? NebSapp. The stats don't lie: Not only did he last play on the last day of the weekend, but he also has the least amount of playtime compared to the more trusted players on the list, and he is the second-most-recent player to kill a dog or wolf. (The_Felis_Order, though having killed a wolf or dog more recently, has far more playtime, and last played yesterday, 3 days after the griefs seemingly ended.) 

Hopefully this will help players know who to look out for should the griefs commence again tomorrow.
[Image: SupersuMC.png]
Thinking is dangerous, but so is everything else when you put your mind to it.
Nice detective work! I might also have lost a dog not sure. We are still waiting on any mod response.

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