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Set the server to Offline Mode to circumvent the reports system in 1.19.84

Yes, I'm being serious here. This is the only way we can circumvent it, and we need to do this when updating the server so that we don't have to deal with regulars getting banned for normal civil discussions on Vanilla High if someone has a grudge against one of them and spies an opportunity.

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Thinking is dangerous, but so is everything else when you put your mind to it.
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Hi. This is not a solution for a pure vanilla multiplayer server. As you see in the video, running the server in offline mode means the player UUIDs will change and everyone will lose their inventory, enderchest, position, stats. Also anyone could connect as anyone else due to the lack of authentication. I, for instance, could simply log in as SupersuMC and I'll have access to your base, inventory, enderchest contents.
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Frick Microsoft. Sad
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Thinking is dangerous, but so is everything else when you put your mind to it.
While difficult I personally suggest just using chat to say hi and bye. And using discord for anything else.
To be fair players would be at less risk compared to Server owners. Which is why I think VH did the whole collective ownership and embedding the admin team into the community thing right.
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You can get banned for saying just about anything on PSN. I’d wager it’ll be the same here. Probably best to stick to discord and keeping anything said on regular MC chat to a minimum.

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