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Not sure if Theft of Base occurred or not
I've waited a few weeks before reporting this, just to see if the list of items I've found missing shows back up.  It hasn't, thus this post.  
Overnight or overweekend, roughly 2 or 3 weeks ago, my base lost:

More than a double chest of iron blocks, plus a substantial amount of iron ingots
About 4 stacks of emerald blocks
About a chest of Gunpowder

As far as I can tell, not much was vandalized.  There are some holes where I didn't really want holes, but no real damage.  Just wondering if the culprit is really up to something nefarious, was banned while I was away, or took resources for a build and just hasn't returned.

Base Coords can be provided to an admin on request in-game.

Send me a forum PM with the coordinates of where the missing items were.
[Image: bV0FmTp.jpg]

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