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Were my poor villagers murdered in cold blood?

As some of you might know by now, a few weeks ago I started running the 15K Hotel (15k blocks north from the spawn), a friendly place for everyone to visit, sleep in a room, get some freebies, use farms and trade with villagers. 

Unfortunately, today I came online to see two of my dear villager friends, Librarian Charles and Armorer Barry, lying in a pool of blood! (well, metaphorically speaking). There's been some very minor griefing in their trading booths as well (eg. the librarian profession block and one bookshelf is missing, a white bed was also placed in the hall (I'm mentioning it just in case that helps the investigation). I didn't notice any items being stolen from my personal chests.

If possible, it would be great if someone could bring my beloved Librarian Charles and Armorer Barry back to life (both were leveled up to Master, and Charles had a trade for Mending books and nametags, which were very important to me). The griefing part I don't mind, I'll fix that in a few minutes once the investigation is over. And, well, if there's a serial villager killer on the loose, it would definitely be good to bring them to justice!

This happened sometime between 10PM on the 7th and 10PM on the 8th of April (GMT+1).
Hi. The player who killed your villagers and did the griefing has been banned already. Your villagers can be replaced after I consult with you in game.
[Image: bV0FmTp.jpg]
Alrighty, everything has been handled in-game, thanks for the help!

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