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I think a Bot is on the server?
This happened not too long ago right after I posted this thread. But a player by the name Mateitie I think it was joined the server. They requested my coords in a private chat 3 times, yet I ignored it every time thinking it could possibly be a griefer trying to get to my coords. Then randomly the next thing that happened about a minute after they sent the third coord request in private chat. They began to copy everything exact in the chat of what I said in less than a second. I am not sure if it is a Bot doing that or maybe a hacker. Something like that happening doesn't seem right and also It was getting annoying after every text I send in the server chat someone repeats exactly what I said right afterwards. 

TheMusingOx and some others saw it happen too.
These are simple text copy additions to hacked clients, that repeat chat. As mentioned in chat to you this had been sorted.
[Image: Carl_71.png]

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