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HI, I've been playing on the server for a few weeks now, but today something weird happened. I was kicked many times in a short period of time because i was exceeding the packet rate limit. I understand why we want to keep this server as vanilla as possible, but it's really hard to enjoy a vanilla experinence when i'm getting kicked every 20 seconds. I don't want this to sound harsh or anything, the community on this server is great and i've been having a lot of fun, but i feel like if we could optimize the server a little it would be great.
Thanks a lot
I think currently its just a bit more laggier than fun because of the amount of bases which have not lighten up their base and caves which results in a lot of hostile mob spawns which cost a lot of entities.

I personally believe that as time goes on people's bases become more developed and much less hostile mob entities are on the server and the server not lagging so much anymore.

Anyhow that was just my opinion on the matter and I wish you a happy new year!
- Mr_Murphy
There are small things that every player can do to help combat lag. Players with multiple accounts afk during peak play time contribute to server side lag. I would suggest to any player that has alt accounts to afk, please be courteous to the community and try to afk during non-peak hours. Item collection efficiency can also contribute, so please make sure that items are collected as quickly as possible. Allowing unwanted items to despawn is not a good option. If a collection system has a large amount of hoppers you may want cover the hoppers with a block type that will not have the hopper run a check for items. If players are having a hard time finding and lighting up caves, there maybe a possibility of admin help. However the admin team works on a volunteer basis and may not always have time to assist in lighting. When farming please be aware that entity count can rise quickly. Please keep the animals in your farms to what is needed.

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