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Vanilla High Banner Competition
Vanilla High has had no an official banner for a couple of maps now and we are having one this map Smile

We are now running a competition for players to design the 1.18 official Vanilla High banner.

The winner will have their name credited with the win at spawn in the banner hall.

The banner will also be placed strategically around spawn.

The banner will be purchasable with vote cookies from one of our market villagers.

The winning banner will be decided by the Vanilla High staff and their decision will be final.

Make something cool and ensure it fits our server somewhat Smile

Post a picture of your entry below. Keep the crafting to yourself so it can not be stolen.
[Image: Carl_71.png]
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I made this on a Minecraft website, sorry I've never made an actual banner before so hopefully this counts:

.png   banner (1).png (Size: 1.04 KB / Downloads: 75)

[Image: ShadowMonkeyKing.png]
Muahahahhah check this out

[Image: ShadowMonkeyKing.png]
Got some more

[Image: ShadowMonkeyKing.png]
Idk how to insert a photo so click this to take you to the website

I am Produde or Pro the Proest Pro of all Pro Minecrafters
This has both the Vanilla high colors from the unofficial discord pfp. It's also really cute yet mature enough to use and place anywhere.

[Image: ShadowMonkeyKing.png]

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