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Foxi's End Supplies have reopened!
After a few end city raids I have been able to stock up on a few stacks of shulker shells and some elytras that I am willing to sell. I am currently pricing a piece of shulker shell for 1.5 diamonds each and an elytra for 6 diamond blocks or 54 diamonds. I am also selling some books which are unbreaking III and mending for 1 diamond each. If you are interested you can msg me in game. Thank you! (Current supply the moment I posted this is around 3 stacks of shells and 4 elytras)
[Image: FoxiTheDragon.png]
Rawr! I'm Foxi!
Due to recent things, I won't be trading anymore items besides elytras. They still go for 6 db each. Thank you for understanding. -Foxi
[Image: FoxiTheDragon.png]
Rawr! I'm Foxi!
Trading update: [01/02/21 1:50 am GMT +08]

1. I am now selling shulker shells once again but at a cheaper price.
Before: 1.5 diamonds per shell ; After: 2 diamonds per 3 shells

2. Elytras are still 6 db

3. For people who don't have diamonds, I can also accept certain alternatives such as:
-1 stack of Redstone block -> 3 diamonds
-16 amethyst blocks -> 1 diamond
-1 stack of amethyst shards -> 1 diamond
-1 ancient debris -> 2.5 diamonds
-1 stack of coal blocks -> 1.5 diamonds

==I am thinking about allowing loans for elytras in the future in exchange for another elytra and a dragon head for loaning to end city raiders==
[Image: FoxiTheDragon.png]
Rawr! I'm Foxi!

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