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Asking Permission
For the moderators. I haven't yet, nor do I have the resources currently, but I would like permission to be able to use a tnt duper for a tree and stone farm, and that is it. |Nothing else, just those 2 farms for my base. You can even send someone to come check on it once in a while to make sure I am staying true to my word. I said this in one of the other forums, and my wish ins't to make anyone mad, but just asking first. I do not want to use this in mining or anything like that. If not that is fine, I will just make a large scale creeper farm instead for my tnt needs.
From the rules page:
Duplicating (duping) of anything (TNT, rails, carpet, blocks, items etc) is prohibited, regardless of the technique used. This is a serious permanent-bannable offense.

Players get banned for duping tnt no matter the circumstances. I'm not a mod/admin but you can check through the ban appeals, there's a couple in there that were banned for that.

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