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Base seems to have been griefed and looted.
Its been about a month are two since the last time i logged on. I decided I would log on today and see if the base was ok but when i got on there seems to be things missing and are destroyed and misplaced. i share a base with deitydax (which ik in real life) I asked him about it and he said he hasnt been on in 3 months are so. He is also concerned. Here is a list of everything that seems to be done.

In my private study there seems to be a hole in my wall. (played sized (2 blocks))

My carpet in my room is destroyed

I'm missing the wooden Y is my name in my bedroom.

They destroyed Daxes doors to his bedroom and destroyed his bed (Dax would really like his bed back he says)

They destroyed the freezer in the kitchen of our house.

as for the things missing:

I believe 1-2 shulkers are missing.

2 (dragon heads are missing)

I think that is everything (there might be more, we have too many chests lol). It might be to late for a roll back. i just want the culprit are (s) catched! if i could get a roll back that would be fantastic as well! we are way past the safe zone and are not on any of the axises! If a admin could get back with us that would be great!

Amy & Deitydax
Hi sorry to hear about the incident. Can you send me a private message on the forum with the coordinates of your base and I will check?
[Image: bV0FmTp.jpg]
sent. thanks for the help again
I have investigated and sadly a theft if any has occurred way too long ago for me to be able to do anything about it. I note that some high value items like beacons and its associated diamond blocks are still there so hopefully the thief has not done too much damage.
[Image: bV0FmTp.jpg]
as far as i can tell not a whole lot was done. its almost like he started then was stopped abruptly before he was able to do any serious damage. so i wonder if he wasn't already banned by another admin in the process. oh well! time to rebuild and move on! lol dax and i are grateful you looked into this for us! Thanks!

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