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All items stolen
The items that were in my chests and barrels, in addition to some items in item frames and gold blocks laying around were all stolen. My nether base was also stolen from. Holes are all around where they dug through my buildings to get to the chests, this may suggest that they x-rayed.

EDIT: Just realised that all my beacons and some of the iron blocks they were on were stolen. There's an underground area to my base and there was a beacon down there too.

I've been on in the last month (as far as I remember, but this could be wrong), so it probably didn't occur before that.

Not sure if there's any correlation, but I met a player called 52w which logged on and brought me to a place before glitching me (I assume by overloading my client) out of the game. This happened a while back (perhaps 2 months ago). I say this because I met him in the nether and there's a possibility he logged back on, built bridges and found my nether base, then entered through its portal to my house (all this because I see there's new paths in the nether that are connecting it to other islands which I didn't build).
Hi sorry to hear about the incident. Send me a private message on the forum with the coordinates of your base and I'll investigate.
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