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Draconia falling apart. All draconians read this.
In the past, I, myself, have wronged many people recently as well. We all have been very guilty of our own demons, southside and northside. We need to all make amends and rejoin. I have a few implications I believe would help us. In my opinion we should move towards a democracy and host elections every month or two. Every draconian townie should be allowed one vote. And anyone should be allowed to run if they have the courage. I think this would work because then the town owner will be elected based on values and won't get corrupt. (Looks at shadow and foxi) But I believe we can reelect if they did a good job but we should only be allowed a maximum of 2 months in a row. Thanks for reading and I hope this can come true and we will see each other in a new and improved draconia. Thank you for reading!

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