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A traveler of universes arrives from Ryperna!
Hi, I'm SupersuMC. I have been here a while and have finally decided to do a proper introduction.

I have been playing Minecraft since late 1.3 on the PC demo and finally got the game proper in January the next year, but had my first experience on a friend's XBox 360 during TU5. I also play Bedrock edition, but I prefer other games on my phone due to the fact that you can't pause even if you disabled the multiplayer upon world creation. 

I typically play alone even on Multiplayer, but have recently started a town with SlandersPete near my base. My building style is medieval-esque with floors overhanging lower stories, and when making a base underground or a first-night shelter I typically dig out a vein of stone or ore in the side of a cliff if I can find one. Otherwise, it's a wooden box.

My favorite seed has to be the PC demo seed, North Carolina. Fun fact: You can see the mountain near spawn from the 1.3-1.6 version of the seed in the final shot of the official Minecraft Trailer by Variede. (Then 1.7 came along...then 1.13...and when 1.18 comes along there's no doubt it will drastically change again. I miss you, Parkour Mountain...)

In my free time I like to write books. While not a published author by any means, I am quite skilled with room to grow. Check out my work-in-progress novel, Heroes of Ryperna: Earth's Rise on FurAffinity! (Yes, I am a furry, and I'm working on a skin to represent my fursona species in-game.)

See you in McPetersburg!
Thinking is dangerous, but so is everything else when you put your mind to it.

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