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Old and new member

Sorry, it took getting my base robbed for me to actually create an account, but since I have I figured I may as well say hi.

My name's Darius Thorne, DT is fine. I originally played on this server way back in 2017-2018 (my base was next door to CatPasswd and a few others.) I took a break from Minecraft a few months before 1.13 dropped. I loved the community so was glad to see VH was still going strong when I started playing again last year.

I typically play solo but am not against meeting up with others or helping out if needed.
Speaking of which, if anyone needs melons, pumpkins, bone meal, bows, arrows, or leather/chainmail/gold armor please let me know. My farms are loaded with the stuff so I'd be happy to give up as much as you want/need for free.
I also have wool, bee, spider, and iron farms as well as farms for cactus, nether wart, sugar cane, bamboo, and all the normal crops, not to mention a decent villager trading hall (focused primarily on books) so if anyone needs anything else I'd be happy to help out if I can.

See you all in-game,


It's not much but it's mine:

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