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I got Jailed and i want to say sorry.
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Hey, i stole some Bamboo and 2 Golden apples and a bit sugarcane. Im really sorry, when i have the chance i will put it back and will never again steel some items. I really like the people on the Server and i like the Server, i farmed already netherite, elytra and some stuff. I really hope i get unjailed i want to play.

by the way, im german, so im really sorry for my english.

thanks for reading!! 
I would first like to thank you for your honesty. However you knew the house you used as your own, the bed you slept in, the chests you went through, the blocks you broke, the items you took were in fact not yours. You did this knowing it was in clear violation of our rules. You also have somewhat of a potty mouth. I am willing to grant you clemency given you agree to these terms:

1. You will be returned to the rules tower to once again agree to follow all of the rules
2. Your entire inventory will be cleared
3. You will leave that house and not return
4. You will never pick over other players things like a vulture
5. You will think about what you say in chat and make better choices about how you conduct yourself
6. Any further violation will result in a permanent ban

This is your only opportunity to join this community. If you agree to these terms please respond and you may leave off any emojis.
I agree and im really happy! thank you ^^

And by the way a idea from Biiinky on the Server is that my inventory go to the guy i stole items from and destroyed the blocks. I think its a very good Idea and i agree with it. thanks!  Heart

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