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griefer in memory village
(11-23-2020, 08:41 AM)Carl_71 Wrote: Okay so I have spent many hours looking into the reported griefing and raiding of Memory Village over past few weeks.

Please note we have grief and raid protection on the server. This is designed to assist players when rogue players join our server get to towns, stealing and damaging builds.

It is not designed as a free for all to go around damaging their towns and then asking for items to be restored.

There appears to be issues in Memory Village that really need to be sorted out amongst the town members. Internal fighting that results in players blowing up each others houses that also then moves into damaging town storage is not griefing or raiding.

Towns can be very hard to run and police, I would recommend you all get together and amicably sort out how you wish to move forward as a group. Maybe even set some ground rules on what can and can not be done in town.

We are always here to help where we can but please remember what is meant by our grief and raid protection.

blowing up houses and destroying storage chests is not griefing?
how is that not a bannable offense from town and server?

its one thing to have a dispute and resolve it in a logical and calm manner, or even going into caps lock with a few curses and a few swings of the sword and arrows to the knee, but if someone goes to explode stuff that isnt theirs, how is that tolerated(even if its internally)?

are you saying that if someone joins the server for a while and joins a cooperative, they are no longer the title rogue and are immune to bans from them griefing and crazy behavior like blowing stuff up with tnt, on grounds of teamed conflicts?

i dont know for sure whos doing all the fighting, i think it was night and norcom, as night left a sign in my hut saying there was a fight.
i get that its mc and that some members are very young and immature, also banning everyone who comes along doing the slightest thing would result in an empty server. but this is blowing stuff up with tnt. i dont know any town members personally so if they did anything like destroying stuff with tnt, especially someones house, id want them gone faster than diarrhea.

idk the full story so i cant make a full judgement. memory village was also appropriately named because it wasnt meant to last and would become a memory. it was thrown together at the first request and got real messy real quick. it brought in literally anyone who just joined and asked. its like grief town but without the grief, for the most part.
given the incomplete kit of the moderators in hunting down criminal scum, such as small loopholes in the code, i cant expect much help given as i also havent met justice half way. everything was crammed together and sloppy on my part and hardly any triggered isolated areas, along with shared chests among strangers.. etc etc..

its not a big deal, just mc. but please answer my question about why blowing stuff up is okay.
No griefing is permitted on the server, this is a server rule.

Towns are expected to be looked over by a leader and should always attempt to sort out internal issues. If we went around the server banning every player in a town that has issues and arguments the server would be very empty as you stated.
Staff do not run around the server with an intent to swing the ban hammer continually, this is why we ask towns to try and sort out issues.
If I had two town members who destroyed chests and were permitted to stay I would require them to refill what was lost.
If the request of the town is to have the players banned from the server this is something that can be looked into if evidence supports this, but we would rather the town sort it or move on the players in question if things are not working out.

Grief town without the grief does not appear to be working to well at present.

As the town leader, let us know how you would like to proceed if everything you have attempted to sort this internally does not work.
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