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A tour around the Factory
Hello! Foxi the dragon here and today I am showing you one of the great builds I've built: The Factory.

This building was built 3 weeks after the server's map reset only containing 2 creepers farms and sugar cane farms. This was primarily designed as an auto farm building while keeping entities below 200 as much as possible. The factory has gone through many changes week after week adding more and more auto farms. I will show you what is going on inside of this massive building.

Kelp farms and sugar cane farms on the walls provide both compressible fuel and sugar cane/paper. The smokers burning the kelp are running 24/7 to keep the kelp from overloading.

One of the two creeper farms. They are far apart from each other to not cause mob spawning interference on either farm.

Honey and Honeycomb farms which were recently disabled because no one's using them. (Also the bees escaped whoops)

3 wool farms on top of each other. Tons of wool are awaiting map art makers.

A drowned farm with an off switch when not being used. This provides us a source of a valuable weapon: the trident.

A big storage room for storing auto farm output and other stuff. Majority of the chests are for the wool from the wool farm(right side).

Pumpkin farm and trading hall. Recently upgraded to provide a surplus of pumpkins for the farmers.

Librarian trading hall on the 2nd floor. We have all enchanting books except for sharpness. (The sharpness villie, along with 2 other unfortunate librarians, got struck by lightning while the factory doesn't have a roof yet)

A 2 village iron farm. A bit inefficient but does the job. Planning to separate the villagers to maximize output in the future.

About all of the farms which includes plants, they all have composters equipped within the storage system to make sure that when the chests overload then they won't clog up the hoppers. The kelp burners are also designed to redirect kelp into composters in case it runs out of fuel.

So that's everything in there. Thank you for going through the tour and see you next time!
Oh and by the way, if anyone knows where the Factory is, feel free to look around to get ideas on how to build your auto farms! Just remember not to take anything from there.
[Image: FoxiTheDragon.png]
Super cool, awesome work and it looks so neat. Smile

It is always great to see VH builds.....
[Image: Carl_71.png]

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