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Problems with Grief Town

To the founders and maintainers of Grief Town.

The concept behind the town is doing a disservice to Vanilla High and making the jobs of staff much harder. Grief Town sends the wrong message to new players that it is acceptable to grief and steal.

If we have to enforce the rules, we will need to kick/jail/or ban anyone who is spotted stealing at Grief Town, even though we understand that there is no expectation of rollbacks or investigation. Simply put, we cannot ignore theft and griefing at Grief Town if we are on patrol and observe the core server rules being broken.

Grief Town also provides potential hackers on the server an easy access to resources. It makes our job harder for instance, to observe x-rayers attempting to mine for ores and give away their hacks if they get what they need near Spawn.

The concept is doing more harm than good to the Vanilla High Community.

The VH Staff calls upon the founders and maintainers of Grief Town to disband and clear Grief Town
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Been part of this community since late 2015, but I have never seen a town idea like this. It seemed like a meme at first but it's actually hurting the community. Thank you for bringing attention to this. Smile
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I disagree but out of respect for staff I suppose I can invite a few to our main town. On the contrary, is provided a clear artistic output that encourages interaction, and with no expectation of babysitting from admins, the patrolling is a difference in server style because of lack of plugins and the desire to be vanilla. Not because anyone has been harmed because of a town called grieftown where we expect to be griefed.
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Playing on a server from a player perspective is different from administration. Grief Town condones griefing and players are actually settling there. That's different from not expecting a rollback in cases of griefing. If staff sees players griefing Grief Town, we have to ban them.

Just yesterday we had a player who set his spawn in Grief Town and was inquiring why his bed was missing.

[22:03:21] [Server thread/INFO]: <King_Bee_Ash> who took my bed
[22:03:29] [Server thread/INFO]: <BlockBandit> you live in grief town king?
[22:03:36] [Server thread/INFO]: <King_Bee_Ash> yeah

Grief Town has to go.
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Crusher, I understand that it had definitely been your intention to create a town for artistic output and interaction, and that you didn’t expect us to babysit it, but unfortunately that’s not how things are. There is one simple fact – when we see griefing, we ban the griefer. This alone creates two problems. First, assume we see a player griefing in Grieftown and don’t ban them. We have no way to know whether or not the player is going to grief outside the town, so we let a potential griefer go. And yes, people really do grief other places after griefing there. It has already happened on several occasions, it’s not just a maybe-what-if theory, and it took us a lot of extra time to get a hold of them. Second, assume we do ban the player that’s griefing in Grieftown, enforcing the server-wide rules. That’s where player expectations come in. The player would believe they are completely innocent, after all they griefed in a town that consents to griefing and will dispute the ban for all the wrong reasons. It also creates several questions that a new player is going to ask themselves. "If I can grief here, why can’t I grief there?" "Can I grief everywhere around spawn?" "Can I create my own town where rules don’t apply?" Thus, multiplying the problem
(08-20-2020, 08:42 AM)Metal Wrote: ....It also creates several questions that a new player is going to ask themselves. "If I can grief here, why can’t I grief there?" "Can I grief everywhere around spawn?" "Can I create my own town where rules don’t apply?" Thus, multiplying the problem

Surely that requires an extra rule with the Vanilla High ruleset?

I can clearly see the grey area here and the potential madness that this may cause and it is what more or less happened. Yeah some may point to the catch all rule of common sense. But I and others including the admins see that Crusher's intention simply didn't match the outcome of controlled expression zone. But this does not constitute fouling of that catch all rule. While I agree that the Grief town cannot stay the way it is. But the rules need to be updated to prevent stuff like:

- Lootville
- Kill3r canyon
- HackBridge
- TombRaiders Cove
- Ad Hill
- The Mafia Cave
- Dupe Town


The idea could be integrated into the server with command blocks and a removal of ores, lava and other rarest blocks to ensure it isn't used as a farm. A reminder of the rules at the access and exit point and a high wall unbreakable wall defining the limit. Basically adopting the idea for a grief pit the next map in a controlled non-babysitting area like how the arena is in spawn. Though that's just an idea.
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