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Ban Appeal
Hello, my username is Woolfurd. My good friend had just been unbanned and I would wish to be unbanned as well. We had both been banned for the same reason. We were hacking and raiding which we both knew where against the rules. I loved the server even though I had been there for maybe a week or a few. I regret doing what I did especially since the server had trusted me to not hack and I still had broken those rules. I haven't been able to find another server as good as Vanilla High. I don't expect to be shown as much leniency as my friend had as he had been playing for much longer and I was a bad influence on him. I would be so grateful if I was allowed back, I truly didn't know what I was thinking and I am mad at myself for intentionally breaking the rules. As well as causing a vet to be banned because of my influence. I promise to never grief or hack again if I am allowed back in. I am willing to accept any conditions set for me as well.

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