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dark_angel_45 jail appeal
I went AFK & came back locked up, I genuinely have no idea what for..
Only thing I can think of entity count violation. (was digging, was going to collect & burn them later)

If there's something I did that I am unaware of, I would love to know so I can learn from my mistake & prevent such thing from happening again.

Thank you, da45

Username: dark_angel_45
Thanks for being honest, yes you were jailed for entity count, and you were kicked multiple times for it which led to the jailing, for being honest though you will be unjailed, be very mindful of entity count and try to keep it below 200
Have a bubbly day and make sure the cluckingtons won't steal your diamonds.

The silent Lapras07.
Thats my bad, thought they were automated therefore I payed no mind to them. Ill make sure to dispose of them more often to help reduce lag.

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