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Tnyrr unfair ban?
I was playing in vanilla high (and i see now this was a bad idea) but i typed "admin please follow me I'm x-raying" "Im lonely" as a joke. I got jailed! I kept asking in chat why I was jailed for only a sentence, but I was ignored. Now this is were I really messed up. What i meant to type was "I swear to god i wasn't hacking" but i typed "I swear to hod i wasn't hacking" so i back spaced, but god but forgot the n't in wasn't... SO I typed "I swear to god i was hacking" (even though I was jailed without using any hacks) I quickly banned. Can I be unbanned and unjailed? I will join a discord call if you are up, and fully explain myself, its just frustrating I was banned off what I said, and this is the only populated vanilla server

(I used to have to deal with this on my own minecraft server a few years back vanillacraft.serv.nu, but i never banned people merely off words, Maybe if they were racist or toxic but not this! I was not hacking!)

I see that i may of been jailed for taking some underground trees from a base close to spawn... I'm sorry about that
Your jailing has nothing to do with your words in chat and everything to do with your actions in game. When you joined the server you clicked a sign that confirmed that you would follow all server rules. You were jailed for violating one or more of these rules.

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