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Piano's Dark Tower
The 1.16 update has been inspiring, with a whole variety of new blocks. My favourite from the new additions was blackstone, which led me to wonder how possible it was to make an ominous, looming tower of darkness as my base.

After a few dedicated hours in creative mode, along with fiddling a little with the Litematica mod, i present my base.

[Image: 2020-07-04_23.34.24.png?dl=1]
The walls are primarily polished blackstone bricks, and goodness knows how long it took to mine up almost 2 full shulker boxes of blackstone to get enough to build the whole thing. Thank God for Efficiency V + Mending.

Going past the doors...

[Image: 2020-07-04_23.34.46.png?dl=1]

My coloured glasswork (see here) makes its return in this map again - though this time it's not in the form of a multicoloured roof, but a lobby centerpiece.
I also planted two huge crimson fungi together beneath the glass dome to create this.

[Image: 2020-07-05_00.31.33.png?dl=1]

Another highlight of the lobby is... the lava wall mural.

[Image: 2020-07-04_23.35.48.png?dl=1]

I figured this would be a nice, toasty place to chill at. > v >

The second floor is mainly where I would work, whether it be enchanting gear or brewing up potions...
And naturally I cannot do any of that without..welll.. summoning the dark power in me.
Which explains the redstone inscription circle on the floor.

[Image: 2020-07-04_23.36.59.png?dl=1]

By the way, the entire thing is covered with a layer of glass, so no worries about mobs spawning in there. ;D

My enchanting table and magical doggo are on the right, and my brewing lab is on the left...
The brewing lab itself consists of a brewing station and an ingredients station - the layout similar to that of my brewing lab in the old map. The main difference is that now there is a minecart that does the transfer of primary potion ingredients to the brewing stand for me.

[Image: 2020-07-04_23.38.15.png?dl=1]
[Image: 2020-07-04_23.38.20.png?dl=1]

The top of the tower is a garden. Well... Or at least, it looks like a garden to me.

[Image: 2020-07-04_23.39.36.png?dl=1]

If you're asking - Yes. Every now and then I get nicked by fire and pricked by berry bushes. ^^;
In case you're wondering where my bed is, it's right there in the center of the garden. You'll just have to peer through the overgrowth of vines a little.

[Image: 2020-07-04_23.40.47.png?dl=1]

Surrounding the top of the tower is an observation deck of grey glass and nether brick fences. I know it looks pretty plain.. but the real looker there is the view after all.

[Image: 2020-07-04_23.42.01.png?dl=1]

The final feature of my build is down by the water.. the crimson dock.

[Image: 2020-07-04_23.42.44.png?dl=1]

Not that I'm expecting anyone to boat their way here, but I thought it a nice addition, considering that I'm out in the middle of the sea.
Additionally, I ought to highlight something..

[Image: left.png?dl=1]
Big Brother Creeper...
[Image: center.png?dl=1]
is always watching.
[Image: right.png?dl=1]

I'm not sure if I would be adding anything new to this - any ideas and suggestions are welcome. I always like a challenge. XD
But on the whole I'm pretty satisfied with this build. It's definitely a different direction from my sky castle in the last map, but it's been pretty fun making it.

Now I gotta go.. the darkness is calling me and I must retreat back into the overgrowth and rest (in peace) there. XD

BONUS: Screenshots with shaders! Big Grin

[Image: 2020-07-05_00.03.23.png?dl=1]

[Image: 2020-07-05_00.04.53.png?dl=1]

[Image: 2020-07-05_00.04.43.png?dl=1]

[Image: 2020-07-05_00.05.02.png?dl=1]

[Image: 2020-07-05_00.13.34.png?dl=1]
[Image: pianoisloved.png]
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Very nice work Smile
[Image: Carl_71.png]

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