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Lost Shulker
Hi, I was travelling and I needed to make space in my inventory so I placed down my shulker, then it just disappeared.  I tried relogging but nothing happened, it is still gone.  What can I do?
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Insurance is against raiding and griefing. This incident is not something admins can act upon.
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Remember everyone, the game has many bugs but there are small things you can do to protect yourself. In regards to shulkers here are a couple of pointers

1. Do not carry a shulkers directly in your inventory when travelling.
2. Place all your shulkers in an enderchest and carry that in your inventory. (I have never seen the contents of an enderchest glitch out yet)
3. Ensure the chunk is loaded before emptying the shulkers you need from the enderchest.
4. Do not rush placing them out so lag does not catch you out.

Hope these simple things help you keep your hard earned loot. We hate to see people lose items but as staff there is nothing we can do Sad
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