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Desert Temple Base (Start of Winford/Rover Village)
Posted prematurely to be first:

I converted a Desert temple into my current base of operation centred between an npc village (I really need to check on), zombie spawner and a Jungle, it is also next to a river. I've converted these in the past but either for fun or as part of a outpost (North Beaconsand outpost in 1.8 map), and really made the outside look good.

This time round I intent since I'll be living in it I max out the original footprint of the temple approx 14 blocks excluding towers and 4 floors, and the end result is quite cosy as seen below:

Main Hall and Smelting area:

South Wing Greenhouse area:

North Wing Greenhouse area:

Front door (yes this temple was buried with just the top 4 blocks of the highest point showing)

Central Greenhouse and Fire place area:

Basement 4th floor junction (Mostly original temple features with the chest slots turned to door, this was repeated on floor B3)

Pattern of Temple copied to all floors same location as above:

Spare room, I have 4 of these to make of.

Smelting area:

Side Angle (or the view from the original buried front):
[Image: iqwykz.png]

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