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Iron Farm tagged zombies killed by difficulty swap or mob off/on.
Hello, we have 2 iron farms going with tagged zombies, and they both were killed last night for some reason, im assuming the constant mob wipe is the issue, it happen after the last one as well as all the tagged zombies in our temporary trading hall are also now all dead. Those 3 definlty could not have been killed by a golem, so i assume it is the same issue again.  Can anyone replace our name tagged zombies?  We use elevated iron farms and is a pain to find, tag, walk a village bubble distance several times while bldg.
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are the zombies exposed to air above them?
[Image: aknatn.png]
They will be replaced by a staff member.
[Image: bV0FmTp.jpg]
No, they are not exposed, they are 4 away from a ledge, and all the protected, armored name tagged zombies were gone as well, it was not a errant design flaw. - For AK
Looking for builders or farmers for Everything Town!
They have been restored
[Image: bamajoe411.png]

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