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Jailed(my apology)
ok in the past 2 posts i havnt been very honest i was banned for a reason and i completely apologize i was using an xray because in a few days i was going to join a town and i didnt want to feel left out so i took the short route instead of hard work i was lazy and didnt think about how fair it is this wasnt a good decision of mine  and i know this is  lame excuse im sorry and  completely take rsponsibilty for my actions i will not use an xray on your server again-thank you for your time  and srry for lying earlier  i secerely hope you read this message understand me and forgive me-sorryalso my ingame name is not the same as this one it is shionni also for the last time sorry-shionni also sorry for the many posts just trying to get unjailed to play as it was only my first day hope this is my last apeal and i hope i dont have to try again....
hi i would also like to add that i will agree to any terms that you chose im replying because i am unable to edit please forgive me i want to play on this server it ws a stupid decision of mine and i take it back now

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