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Bubble Elevator
Hi all,

This morning I finished my build.  It is a large bubble elevator that goes from bedrock at the bottom up to a decent height at the top.
I gift it to the server and its peoples.

A few of you know about it and where it is, and that it is in a rather precarious spot security-wise.  Come out, check it out, bring your friends, and have a little fun going up and down.

Some notes:
There is a level for each color-type in game, 16 in all.  There are some extra levels too: an andesite level at bedrock, a bare-bones glass level, a nifty mushroom-themed level, an oak wood level, and ground level: made with stone bricks.  The white level is especially neat as it is at the same level as the clouds.

Some hazards include:
- there are magma blocks at the bottom of the down elevator, so pull out before you reach the bottom.
- pressing space while going the up elevator will make you go faster, but make sure you stay centered if you shoot out the top, or you'll take fall damage on the roof.

So, within hours, this build was sorely griefed. It would take considerable time to fix it.
I'm sorry about those experiences people had who went and hoped to have fun there, and was met with its brokenness.
This is another example why folks shouldn't build near spawn - I just thought I might have a couple days leeway where people could enjoy it.

So, it is a big-ish build and bound to cause step lag... so...

Instead, peoples of Vanilla High, feel free to plunder it.  There are a good many resources that can be used in your builds.
I've seen people asking recently about coloured terracotta - there are just over 14 stacks of terracotta of each colour available in this build, lining the outsides of each compartment of that colour - you just need to reach the height of the colour you wish on your own and take the resources you need.

There is also coloured concrete, glass, glass panes, and some glowstone.


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