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Forgiveness request and the Pardon Request
It's me again Ragnarok 345 I want to say that they accept my punishment but I want to apologize for my aggressive behavior. I know I made a mistake and destroyed castle town but it was a vengeance and anger action. I wanted to inform you that but I haven't stopped regretting for what I've done I know I made a serious mistake but I hope you will show mercy and
forgive me. I lied I griefed but but you have my word of this will never happen again. I know it's going to be hard to forget what I've done but I hope you will find the courage to unban me sometime. Until then I request you to protect my pets in my secret base and just leave me my my stack of diamonds my real stuck.

Ps: As for what happened in my last appeal the reason of my anger was that when I saw the ban while i was tired and I had a very bad mood. I realize that this is not the place where I can express my anger
but i take the oath on the god s name that this will never happen again if you unban me.

Ragnarok 345

I also hope that you will let me rebuild or even evolve castletown.

I was wrong your server is unique and I sure should appreciate it more than I did.

And if you want to know I always tell the truth when it comes to the god ,I never lie, even if I want to.
RAGn you have been permanently banned from Vanilla High there is no further avenue for appeal, its time for you to find another server to play.

Closing this thread as it serves no purpose.
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