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SierraXerxes checking in
Hi all,

I've been playing with increasing activity for the last month or so, and am really happy with and enjoying this server, so I thought I would start to be a bit more social.

I've been playing casual MC off and on for maybe 10 years on various platforms (mostly PC), so I'm OK at the game, but my knowledge and experience is by no means exhaustive (I have to look things up daily). 

I expect to be largely solitary, doing light development of my little corner of our world, seeking adventure, exploring, and climbing the big walls on the awesome formations on this server just for fun.  I guess I'm RP'ing as a back country solo adventurer.

I'm not super familiar with the facilities and features around spawn, so if someone wants to show me around sometime, that would be awesome.

I would also like to join a town at some point, so if your town can use another player, get to know me.  Things I'd like in a town: casual co-op development, co-op resource farming, trust-based trading for basic materials, nice people, etc.

I've only begun surveying the nether, so I'm not hugely mobile around the world yet.  But between vhguidebook, and a couple nether paths I've found near spawn, I've gotten to a few places.  Although I'm not sure I could find those places again at the moment, lol.

Anyway, that's me.  I hope to run into some of you at some point.

Hello there, nice to meet ya! Here on Vanilla High we're a very friendly community, so if you ever have any questions, do not ever hesitate to ask in chat!
Welcome to the server!

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