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Lost Zombies
Hi, while constructing my iron farm i was transporting zombies up a bubble stream to the correct locations. As i need these zombies not to despawn ive spent a very long time trying to find zombies that can pick up items. during the time i was transporting them up the waterstream 1 by 1 the zombie just vanished. i went up through the bubble stream myself to try to see if they drowned and became drowned but they were nowhere in sight. i looked everywhere i could and just cant find them. i believe these zombies have just completely vanished due to some glitch or another. i have lost 2 zombies now due to this. 

The account i was playing on during this was Red_Shade. I was hoping to possibly get the zombies spawned in. just the 2 that were lost. further zombies i will transport using minecarts as i am afraid of this happening again.

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