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Ban Appeal
Story goes like this.
Friend and I who are both jailed were going through the nether getting far enough out to find a safe spot to build, we come across a portal which we enter and leads to a massive base. throughout playing we both saw the message in chat about the 15K block protection. However to our dimwittedness both I and him assumed it mean't 15K on the X or Y axis and not total. Although yes taking items ect from the base in question was wrong in hindsight. The automatic message wasn't straight forward thus played a part (but not entirely was at fault) for myself and his actions. Happy to return all items ect ect or get wiped. I don't really mind.
I have reviewed logs of the incident and I have decided to give you too together with your teammate one chance to come back on the server and play within the server rules. However, considering you stole a few things from that base, you cannot keep any of it. Next time you log on, you will be sent back to some time back before you found that base and your inventory contents will match that time.
[Image: S56PqMF.png]

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