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Jail Appeal
the real reason i did the xray because i saw that skeppy did it and i wanted to try it myself i  tested it on a world i made then i went on this server and tried it sence i wanted to see if there really was diamonds on this server because i thought there wasnt any because i thought there mightve not been any left sence people dug all of it out i thought sence people have like 100 dbs not diamonds themselves but the blocks. i am sorry i was in the wrong but i will never do it again, not just on this server but not an any other server i promise! Pls i love this server and have done so much things on it i really dont want to have to be kicked off it! IM SORRY! Undecided
You were indeed jailed for using X-Ray which is against the rules on Vanilla High. You will be given one chance to return on the server after a 5-day ban. When you're back, you will lose whatever you're carrying on you as a punishment. Your bed home will be left intact. Reply here if you agree.
(07-14-2019, 04:01 AM)CreepersHappen Wrote: yes i completely agree but there is one thing, as i wwass in jail i threw all my things down and let it despawn already cuz i felt/knew what i did was wrong.m thank you very much for keeping my  bed though!! Big Grin
also i absolutly love your server!! Blush
Hi miguela2000. Next time you're on the server, issue this command "vhguide unjailme" in chat and the server will process you.
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