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Gameplay Report Against Bajin
My username: bbob1937
Reported player(s): Bajin
Reported player(s') UUID(s): 67125ede-db0a-46c6-b22b-c1dc74b8a78b
Rule(s) broken: Rule 1. No Raiding/Stealing
Evidence: [Image: PmhIDpF.png][Image: k2opF9u.png][Image: 1ia8937.png][Image: IyBsT2L.png][Image: IyBsT2L.png][Image: AIFqlta.png]
Additional Info: After Bajin was asked how he got so much gunpowder, he said he had them in his chest. He later said that he "claimed" (which would imply he stole) his house. He later claimed FoxiTheDragon gave him the house, however Foxi did not reply to any attempts to contact them and later left the game. Bajin also left the game. Further investigation is needed to determine whether Bajin stole the house or obtained it legitimately.

UPDATE: FoxiTheDragon reconnected and answered some questions. It has been determined that he obtained the house legitimately from FoxiTheDragon, but stole items from other houses and brought them to his house. FoxiTheDragon also suspects that Bajin has been duping.

New Evidence: [Image: g4Gjh9f.png][Image: kFlu81i.png][Image: qsLlnEP.png][Image: URqN6F5.png]
Thank you for report. This looks like a town matter, not one for admins. The goods belonged to town members and only town members were in the area at the time. The town can sort this out.
There does appear to be accusations that he duped gunpowder and possibly other items, however. Could you look into this? I don't want dupers effecting my economy.
Ok, I'll see if I can find duping.
I am finding no evidence of duping. The only evidence I can find could easily match Bajin's claim in chat of finding the gunpowder in a chest in the house.
FoxiTheDragon said in chat that it could be in his enderchest or inventory, have you checked those?

EDIT: I also do recall in chat talks of Bajin blast mining despite creeper spawning being off, with accusations that he duped the TNT by several players, would blown up TNT count?
Yes, when we do investigations, we check inventory and ender chests. There is no evidence of Bajin having more tnt than could be made by the gunpowder already accounted for.
Alright, I guess that's that then.

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