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Spawn/jail upgrade.
I recently got jailed and banned til tmr but ive had an idea for the spawn for quite a while. There could be a few parkour tracks in spawn or one in jail but when in jail, if you fail just once, you fall in lava and die, being brought back to the jail spawn and your inv is cleared. I understand that Jail isnt supposed to be fun but it would give a reason to login and perhaps cause more votes? Thought id get it out there.
There already is a parkour area around spawn as well as a hidden space that can be gotten to if one knows where to look
[Image: Haberja.png]
Hi. Thanks for the suggestions but Jail is a temporary holding area until the staff members can decide what to do with the players who end up there. Jail is also not an incentive for players to vote more as the staff's jailing decision is not swayed by how much players vote. In addition, we cannot have players lose their inventory content because there is the principle that in the future some players may get jailed for incorrect reasons and/or minor infractions and they should be able to resume playing if staff decides to unjail them with a simple warning.
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