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Can I get unjailed?
Why? This is not an appeal. You were given some appeal guidelines.
[Image: S56PqMF.png]
How do i appeal? I read the handy guidelines and have abide by all of them I thought
I'm Just going to deny the appeal. You're jailed for using a modded/hacked client on the server that allows you to fly.
[Image: S56PqMF.png]
I think that's pretty unfair to just deny it without helping me appeal, I've never appealed before so i was hoping for some help. stuck to the handy guide that was suggested to me so I think that's not very fair, should I have apologised or something? Sad Did I do something to upset you to come to this decision?
You were given enough assistance in the other thread. I gave you the reason why you were jailed and your disinterest in following the appeal guidelines has resulted in the appeal being rejected.
[Image: S56PqMF.png]
These were the rules/ guide i was given to make an appeal:
"Do NOT claim the ban was unjustified. They have personally witnessed you break rules. Every admin on this server is trusted and follow our admin guidelines.
Be honest about your ban. State what you were banned for. Truth goes a long way.
Do NOT spam your ban appeal. The admin who banned you needs time to gather information about your ban. You were not the only banned that day and there may be a lot of chat log to review and images/video to search for your specific information.
Do NOT send your friends on the game or forums to appeal for you.
Do NOT message any admins privately about your ban appeal."

I did not claim the ban was unjustified. I did not spam it, i waited patiently for a reply. I did not send friends to the forum to appeal for me. I did not message admins privately about the matter.
I don't wan't you to think I'm arguing with you I'm just trying to figure out what I did wrong as I read and didn't break these rules when making my appeal.
Is there any advice you could give me to not get immediately denied as I'm having trouble understanding. I'm not sure what you mean by "disinterest in the appeal guidelines" could you please enlighten me? and thank you for your assistance
From another post of yours:

"I'm not sure why i was jailed but i made an appeal, i just hope my punishment or jail release comes sooner rather than later, thanks "

A recommendation from another staff member:

"If you fail to admit something an admin has proof of then your jail sentence will likely be upgraded to a ban."

From the appeal guidelines:

"Be honest about your ban. State what you were banned for. Truth goes a long way"

And yet your appeal is "Can I get unjailed?"

My answer is No.
[Image: S56PqMF.png]
Oh wow it makes more sense now, thank you for helping clear it up as it was not that clear to begin with. So I have to state why I was banned in the appeal I guess. Thank you for finally pointing it out to me. The reason why I didn't point it out was because I was not sure why I got jailed, it was just immediately with no message in the chat, I read the rules and tried to apply them to my situation to try and figure it out but it just let to confusion. I didn't feel like i needed to admit to it because you wouldn't have jailed me for no reason, you jailed me for good reason so i thought admitting it was irrelevant. So I guess there's no chance of me getting unjailed since I didn't admit to it correct?

P.S Thank you for explaining this to me i was very confused and I hope you don't see this conversation as an argument as it was helpful Smile

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