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Hello I'm in Jail and I'm curious to what got me in here and how long i will be in here, thanks.
Anyone who gets jailed has been so because an admin has witnessed them breaking the rules. The only way to be released from jail is by appeal, there is a handy guide for how to make your appeal.

While it is possible that an admin has mistakenly jailed you it is highly unlikely. I would advise you to reread the rules and check to see what might be the cause before replying in this thread with your appeal. If you fail to admit something an admin has proof of then your jail sentence will likely be upgraded to a ban.
I'm the staff member who jailed you. You know exactly why you're in jail. Players who are jailed remain jailed until either their appeal is approved or their jailing is escalated to a ban.
[Image: S56PqMF.png]
I'm not sure why i was jailed but i made an appeal, i just hope my punishment or jail release comes sooner rather than later, thanks

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