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piano's Skycastle
I was flying around when I found a small floating island. Taking in the view of the forests and snowy mountains from there was spectacular.
So, I had this crazy idea of building a floating castle on a cloud.

After a LOT of groundwork of building, shoveling snow, dying and agonising over colours and patterns... here it is.

[Image: 2019-07-01_01.57.35.png?dl=1]
[Image: 2019-07-01_02.00.30.png?dl=1]
[Image: 2019-07-01_02.03.43.png?dl=1]

As to why I chose the stained glass colours to gradate from blue to pink, it's because I was certain that with Optifine+shaders, it would look amazing.
And it does, I think.

[Image: 2019-07-01_02.08.43.png?dl=1]
[Image: 2019-07-01_02.13.14.png?dl=1]

I'm still working on the interior of the castle because there is still much furnishing to be done. But as far as the castle goes, I'm pretty satisfied with how it turned out! ^^
[Image: pianoisloved.png]
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  • RiderFan
This mix of colors... it's wonderfull!
I've never though about using these colors together for anything other than a rainbow or a crystal, but they fit so perfectly together as a gradient!
Thanks for all the ideas your build made me have!
I love this mix of purple and blue! really pretty. Also, i'm glad you were able to find a use for those new ugly blocks, making them fit so well in this build as well!
Ja ne, Diablo.

For a while now I had no ideas as to what I should add to my observatory aka bedroom, but recently I remembered that I had wanted to make a small space for a brewing production line so I could make potions, whether it be for nether trekking or for pillager raids. So after about a day or so of brainstorming, pen-and-paper designing and experimenting, I finally built my own brewing lab Big Grin

Exterior of lab (from dome interior)

[Image: 2019-07-25_19.48.51.png?dl=1]
Interior of lab:

[Image: 2019-07-25_19.49.01.png?dl=1]
[Image: 2019-07-25_19.49.11.png?dl=1]
oop. Don't mind the little TV screen over there. I need my daily dose of Netflix. > v <

BONUS: View of the night sky and skycastle with Radiant Pixels resource pack
[Image: 2019-07-25_20.03.23.png?dl=1]
[Image: pianoisloved.png]
I'm a huge fan of the colored glass domes. The color gradient is stunning, well done! Love this build
Awww, I can’t see the images on my phone. XP

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