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Can i be unjailed? Im sorry for griefing and raiding and wont do it again.  I have learned my lesson and wish to play on this server
Hello SilentGunner29 I will give you one final chance to continue in VH with the following conditions

1. You will be Banned for five days due to being brand new, stating you would raid and grief directly in the chat, only to be discovered to have raided and griefed a home

2. After the five days are over your inventory will be cleared and you will go back through the rules tower to reacquaint yourself with the rules, which i also recommend reading here http://vanillahigh.net/rules/

3. You will only have 1 chance, any more infractions to the server rules will result in a permanent ban

If you agree to the rules then respond here.

Jailing upgraded to a ban after the use of excessive curses and racial slurs appeal automatically declined.
Have a bubbly day and make sure the cluckingtons won't steal your diamonds.

The silent Lapras07.

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