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I got banned and appealing
When i was playing this afternoon,around 17 pm.I was chatting about stuff that i don't remember clearly,it was just a normal conversation with some friends while we were talking i got kicked by an operator for leanguage because i said something along the line of "suck my essss",and i think for the younger age of a minecraft player,wich is from 10 to + years old,i think something like the previous exposed line isn't a real threat to a infant psyche,and i don't think what i stated can really offend someone more so it was a response to an affermation of one of my INTIMATE FRIENDS so i really don't think i should've been kicked for that reason;but to further more i don't really remeber clearly the conversation as i stated before so i think you should be able to recover the past conversation trought console(i hope).Then with my pair of friends, i continued talking,and a friend of mine said  "i love lolis" and i proceed to say "loli are gay" and after that atrocious offending ear bleeding  comment on his liking on lolis i got definitely banned for a proper reason for the staff members.
Hi. I will give you a pardon. Tone down the language.
[Image: S56PqMF.png]
(06-24-2019, 03:19 PM)CubeStealer Wrote: Hi. I will give you a pardon. Tone down the language.

Thanks Chief

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