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Ban Appeal
I was (I assume) banned for Xraying. I've been trying to setup my beacon at max and I haven't had enough iron for it so I exploited xray as a easy solution. I know, laughably, it wasn't really the best solution.

At any rate I won't be online much in the next several days as my wife is currently in the hospital preparing for a surgery and Im going to be spending time there. After all is finished and if I'm pardoned I'll gladly see you all again, minus the xray resource pack and minus several blocks or iron and probably diamonds.
I hope the surgery goes well for your wife and am glad you are planning to look after her.

Your behaviour in-game is very disappointing, you are a well-established member of the server who didn't need to break the rules and clearly knew what the rules are. Rules that are in place to protect the economy of the server and keep the game fair.

In your post you started with "I was (I assume) banned for Xray", is there anything else you should be admitting to?

Your post also includes no apology and reads to me as if you don't repent your actions and feels that it's mostly just unfortunate that you got jailed.

At this time I am not going to offer to unjail you, but I am going to leave this thread open so that you can consider improving your appeal once your wife has recovered.
Alright. Yes I am sorry for Xraying. It was actually really stupid seeing as I was using it almost exclusively to find iron quickly. That being the case it doesn't excuse my actions. I will delete all iron/diamonds/emeralds and gold obtained from this foulness. I couldn't tell you how much with out looking at my inventories and chests.

Other things you might not be aware of? Well, I was trying to get a fabric/mod that would show the light levels (for mob spawning) seeing as I have no other way to test mob spawning (hostile) atm. To that end the mod didn't even work. I also tested a mod that simple allows in game visual measurements (you click ones, then again and it gives you the distance, area, etc, and shows a visual transparent box of the area you marked.

I have been using a map mod (voxel) and desperately looking for certain world generation (jungles, deserts, ocean monument, etc) and was using that to aid in finding and returning to (by placing way-points). I know that's allowed, but I also exploited other player portals to hasten my discovery (ironically to no avail) by going out every nether portal (in the nether) I found and then exploring several chunks around it's exit point. This led me to many bases. I didn't grief anybody, though I may have left junk items in a random chest. Typically I used this to also aid in finding sunken treasures (I have now got 4 conduit things this way). I know a couple of times a player was near me when I came out the portal, so I just jumped back into the portal when I noticed them. The end result is I have mapped nearly 20k blocks surrounding my own base now. And still haven't found any jungles, taigas. I was lucky to find a broken ocean monument (world gen only spawned 3/4 of the monument in, and only 1 elder guardian) and a huge massive unclaimed dessert that stretches forever.

Having missed a week of my life I don't recall any other situations like cussing or anything like.

Until a stable version is released and hostiles are turned back on, I'm probably just going to take a break anyway. The server has become boring without and partly what led me to make foolish choices. For all our sake lets hope it's sooner rather than later.


And just for a useless side note, my wife is home. She went septic and got MRSA and apparently Capnocytophaga canimorsus (cat germs from saliva). They ended up cutting her big toe off (the site of hte infection) and we're about to start possibly 2 lawsuits resulting from this situation (which started over a year ago actually). If anybody is curious perhaps I'll put a separate post about it. It's actually the 3 law suit we're involved in (or about to be ) so it's been very stressful lately. I'm usually the optimist happy person in my home and lately I've been struggling with finding a bright side. (Fun fact, when we left the hospital, the discharge work showed no causes, no solutions, no diagnosis, no results from any test, no after care instructions, in fact it didn't even indicate that any surgery was performed. According to the head nurse they don't put any of that in discharge papers. Yet both I and my MiL have been to the same hospital and did receive all that information.
Sorry for the delay in responding, thank you for amending your appeal.

Unfortunately this is not the first time an admin has had to step in on your misconduct, with this in mind we are willing to give you one final chance based on the following conditions:

1. You will have a jail sentence of 4 weeks. Sentence will finish on 9th July 2019.
2. You will be returned to the rules tower to read and accept our rules again.
3. You will have your inventory and ender chest cleared.
4.  Any further breach of our rules will result in a permanent ban with no chance of appeal.

Please respond here if you accept these conditions and wish to return to the server. Your bed spawn will not be touched.
I wouldn't not have accepted the amnesty offer. As a long term member I feel punishments should be fair to everybody. I accept this punishment and thank you for the chance to return.

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