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Roadmap to 1.14 - Village and Pillage update
You may be wondering what we have in store for the 1.14 Village and Pillage update. The Vanilla High development team has been busy working on making the current world's command blocks and functions compatible with the changes of Minecraft 1.14.

There is no world reset planned. Our current world is running only since July 2018 and is only a baby.

Now we also want the new content so this is our plan:

  1. Increase the world border. Exact amount is yet to be determined.

    Delete region files that have not been touched since January 2019. A region file is a 512x512 area of the world. Deletion of old areas will cause chunks in those areas to regenerate with 1.14 content when players visit them again.

Upcoming changes:
Command Book is updated to 1.2
vhguide position is no longer an in-game chat command but an option in the Command Book
Showcase of the 1.14 content at Spawn in the "What's New" section

We are following 1.14 pre-releases closely and will update this thread accordingly.

Update of 24 April 2019
The server is now running on Minecraft 1.14.
The world border was expanded to 60K from 50K. This is an approximate 44% increase in world size.
Under 50K, region files that have not been touched at all in year 2019 have been deleted.
The VH Command Book has been updated to version 1.12. To get the new one, issue the usual "vhguide book" command.
The "vhguide position" command is now deprecated and is now an option in the Command Book.

1.14 is proving to be quite laggy and somewhat unstable. We have experienced at least three crashes in the past 8 hours. Other servers that run 1.14 are reporting similar performance and stability problems.
Vote cookies earned are not usable at spawn villagers. To fix them, Chung-Wu and Vladimir offer trades to convert the 1.13.2 vote cookies to 1.14
[Image: rtgPp1R.jpg]
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As a relatively new comer to the server, I'm super glad there isn't going to be a reset Big Grin
Has a target date been determined for deleting the
non visited chunks and having them regenerate with 1.14 content? In other words, how long do we have to visit old builds before they become only a memory?
meow ^w^
Yay!! I’m very glad there’s no reset. I only just started my own place!
Nice to see VH will keep going with the current map, how will the nether or end be Treated, same?
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