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Ban Appeal
Hello to whom it may concern,
                  I was recently banned from the server for the crime of raiding. I will not deny these charges against me since my sins are too great to forgive. I humbly ask for mercy and a second chance to atone for my crimes. I have found a good group of kind souls on the server who have invited me to join their monastic order and to spend the rest of my life secluded away from society and live the life of an aesthetic monk. I would also like to take this opportunity to apologize to the man that I have wronged during my time on this server. If i am given the chance to return I will wholeheartedly atone to those I have wronged. I did not realize how kind and close knit everyone would be on this server which left me to regret my actions for wronging such genuinely good and kind people. Thank you for taking the time to read this, please take care and god bless you 

Kind Regards, 

On Feb 04, you and your teammate ivakabg12 stumbled on a town named Dogville on the server. You were advised not to steal from any settlement as you will be reported to server administrators. You and your friend understood that it is not permissible to steal from others. You mentioned that you were explorers and were just checking out other places before making up your mind where to settle.

Yesterday, a theft was noticed at Jeff, a settlement on the server. Several high-value items were stolen: 2 beacons, about a dozen elytras, 3 stacks of diamond blocks, 5 stacks of vote cookies, 9 stacks of obsidian, zombie head etc. Investigation revealed you and your friend raided the settlement despite being fully aware of the server rules. I do not believe you are here to play according to server rules and you cannot remain on the server to "explore" as you surreptiously raid players. The appeal is denied.
[Image: S56PqMF.png]

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